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 Strategic and Behavioral Assessments

Assessment and Analysis

Similar to a physician who must first obtain a diagnosis before determining an appropriate treatment, PLD's organizational and behavioral assessments help to determine action plans and change initiatives.    PLD offers a suite of comprehensive assessments including:

Organizational Assessments 
  • Organizational Culture Assessment - Many organizations understand that culture is important, but lack the ability to quantitatively define this construct.  Our Organizational Culture Assessment helps to determine both the current culture, and the future preferred culture.  This allows intentional action plans to be developed to move toward a desired culture.
  • Strategic Matrix Assessment - Based on in-depth organizational research over the last decade, this assessment determines how well the key activities of an organization align with sustainable competitive advantage.  Organizations are then better suited to determine where role changes may be needed, where to invest in and divest from activities, This assessment helps to identify four critical strategic elements: 1) functions that may be appropriately outsourced; 2) functions that may provide a profit center opportunity; 3) functions in critical need of development; 4) functions key to sustaining competitive advantage. 

Behavioral Assessments 

PLD utilizes one of the leading behavioral assessment suites for organizational development.  These assessments cover a wide range of organizational needs such as:
  • Hiring and On-boarding
  • Leadership Development
  • Team Dynamics and Team Development
  • 360 Degree Reviews
  • Task and Talent Alignment
  • Sales Skills Development 
  • Values, Motivation, Communication Styles, and Emotional Intelligence

Survey Design, Deployment, and Analysis 

Helping organizations understand the perceptions of employees and clients, our surveys are professionally developed and deployed to provide actionable recommendations.
  • Employee Engagement and Satisfaction
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Organizational Productivity
 PLD designs, deploys, collects, and analyzes the data of respondents to provide a survey analysis and recommendation report.